Outdoor advertising is used to communicate with the general public through media such as traffic posters, highway posters, wall panels, etc. Outdoor advertising is significant for companies as it serves its purpose well in promoting the brand. Advertisements displayed in outdoor advertising are large, clear, and visible to everyone.

Everything presented to the viewer is presented in a way that helps the viewer decide to buy a product or service.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OSA), companies spend millions of dollars annually on outdoor advertising. This proves that outbound traffic benefits companies and will continue to grow.

While print and newspaper ads make up the majority of the advertising industry, outdoor advertising is unique in its own right. Today, it is one of the most economical methods of advertising. You need to design the posters and print them. Strategic placement of outdoor advertising can guarantee a meagre cost.

The way companies use online advertising varies greatly depending on their needs. For example, food companies like McDonald’s use high street billboards to attract the attention of their customers and encourage them to try their new products. Also, the tourism and automobile industries use highway billboards to promote their travel plans and latest products.

Besides billboards, companies can use several other forms of outdoor advertising. For example, beverage companies present and promote their products at sporting events. For instance, Coca-Cola sponsored the World Cup. Additional places to see outdoor advertising are taxis, railways, buses, walls and subways.

How do you create outdoor advertising?

create outdoor advertising

In recent years of helping companies to optimize their outdoor advertising, primarily billboards, we have noticed a trend. Most marketing experts spend thousands on setting up the site and seasons of their listings, but they are missing the basics – getting a professional design.

If you are a designer, your time will be better spent improving your design. However, most marketers are not designers; it is better to entrust outdoor advertising to a professional designer. Hiring unlimited graphic design services is an effective method that works well for small businesses but is also gaining approval among companies.

This is 2-3 times cheaper than hiring an in-house designer while still providing quality design and eliminating the hassle of hiring. Many companies have great success with this approach by outsourcing other aspects of their business, including branding and branding, UI/UX design, and blog design.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

1. Billboard Advertising

The most general and effective form of outdoor publicity is billboard advertising, which promotes a product, service or event using large printed signs.

Billboards are often placed along busy roads and highways where drivers and passengers can easily see them. Despite their size and appearance, posters are an effective form of advertising. When used correctly, they can generate much interest and attention for a product, service or event.

Billboard advertising is all about making your message attitude out. To do this, keep your message clear and concise, use attractive images that people can easily understand, and strategically place your poster in high-traffic parts where your target audience will likely see it.

2. Augmented reality posters

Outdoor advertising is constantly evolving. One of the latest trends is the use of augmented reality posters. This technology provides a truly interactive experience to the audience. Individuals can see and interact with 3D images overlaid on the natural world using smartphones or other devices. It is not only about providing a cool and unique experience but also about creatively interacting with clientele.

For example, users can play interactive sports or tests in public spaces or even see 3D images of products and make purchases using their smartphones. This is truly a game changer in the outdoor advertising world.

3. Lamps

Lamp post advertising involves placing a banner or poster on a lamp post, usually using a unique tool. A lamp post is usually 2 meters wide and 3 meters long, although this can vary depending on the scope of the lamp post.

Lamppost advertising is particularly effective in busy areas with tall foot traffic, such as shopping malls and commercial and residential areas where people walk to and from work. Banners and posters should be placed at eye level to be easily seen.

4. Bridges

Advertising can be placed on bridges by posting posters or signs or using the bridge as a canvas to paint a picture or other advertisement. Bridge advertising is a kind of outdoor advertising that uses city infrastructure.

Bridge advertising campaigns are a great way to get noticed in a large city, as bridges are often located near major roads or busy areas. For example, if a company wants to attract people’s attention to a town by advertising bridges, advertising a bridge that crosses a busy highway would be an intelligent choice.

Bridge advertising can also support local groups and events, such as posters and signs promoting critical sporting events in the city.