However, we recognize that the analysis of the appearance of the interfaces is a crucial point in the field of human-machine interaction. As practically every day you can published information on the Web, the paper’s credibility is seen as being more importants in relation to the web content.

Other factors that intervene in the content communication process include reliability and dynamism, as well as variations in other criteria, but also in lesser media. In this brief research, we consider factors such as the aesthetics of the web page, the browsing experiences, and the user experience.


Aesthetics and credibility in web page design

The layers of credibility judgments

The model of visual hierarchy

Gender differences and age in web pages perception

Uses of Web Page

Aesthetics and credibility in web page design

The aesthetic has been evaluated in great medicine using a unique bipolar item (for example, feo-hermoso), which reflects better a personal insight without a profound aesthetic enjoyment. However, this simple and intuitive evaluation can result in many useful results, and you can find your justification in a quick evaluation of the first impressions, like the testimonials of Lindgaard, Fernandes, Dudek, and Brown [1].

Authors can demonstrate that the first impression of a website is formed in 50 ms and is very stable. However, you can consider the aesthetic appeal more prototypical. This window of 50 ms is certainly not sufficient for the cognitive processes to generate analytical or reflexive behavior. Still, it has been shown that “visual attraction” is the main determinant of a positive reaction to a website. This period corresponds to the results of our study, and the authors affirm that 80% of the people who navigate to the Web pass alone in one place before continuing [2].

The layers of credibility judgments

Norman [8] suggests that credible judgments occur at different levels of perception and criteria, classes such as viscera and cognitive. Design reactions are divided into three levels of experience: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. Visceral design experience is an immediate and powerful reaction to the design, as well as the behavioral level that represents experience in using the design.

However, this may represent the fact that users transcend the behavioral level and use of objects that do not function well due to a certain emotional attachment to the object. Cela represents the reflective level. The conception in this domain is highly analytical and cognitive, and an attempt is made to create a better conception of the integration of the users’ experience and knowledge of the objectives and objectives of the product or service [9].

The model of visual hierarchy

The mind-eye hypothesis implies that people generally think about what they look at [13]. They don’t always fully understand it or engage with it, but if they do watch, they usually pay attention to it, especially when they’re focused on a particular task [14].

The mind-eye hypothesis also implies that the way people look at a given artifact (e.g., a web page) is determined by what they are trying to do with it. In other words, the task the user has chosen or been asked to complete determines its appearance [13].

Gender differences and age in web pages perception

From the evidence presented by Moss et al. [26], arguing that men and women exhibit different preferences for layout and presentation stimuli, Djamasbi and colleagues examined possible gender differences in web preferences using eye tracking [16]. ]. The literature delivers ample evidence that men and women exhibit variances in what they perceive as attractive and when designing websites.

The same study found that men prefer to use darker colors (e.g., black, blue) than women, who prefer lighter colors. Additionally, women are more likely to include images in their web design [26]. In particular, women are more likely than men to include images of people on their websites.

Uses of Web Page

Uses of Web Page

A Web page exists on the Internet, it is an essential tool for presence on the Web and to attract potential customers.

The website contains several encumbrances that can be seen by other pages that allow access, such as a blog, which is ideal for locating the page on the Internet.

This tool should not eliminate web hosting that is not only used to dress but also to convert potential customers and establish a numerical marketing campaign.

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