Subscription is the action carried out by a user who receives a series of services, new products, or products at a determined price or free of charge. In the digital marketing industry, there are options: subscriptions and free subscriptions.

These are useful in digital material, but there are some different suggestions and specific characteristics. A subscription will be celui qui agit en s’abonnant, and also a series of objectives that souhaite atteindre en efectuant ladite action.

Topics we cover:

  1. What is a free Subscription
  2. What is the paid Subscription
  3. Are there any alterations between OA and subscription publications
  4. Avoiding predatory journals
  5. More About Subscription Only And Subscription Hybrid

What is a free Subscription

A free payment is when a user subscribes to a blog to receive free satisfaction from the specialist that he writes. The subscriber’s object is to learn more about a topic that is of interest to you free of charge.

In charge of the blog, in this case, ce qu’il souhaite, c’est obtain the email of this subscriber to track email marketing campaigns with the task of sending promotions, offers, information about our services, and valuable content such as blog articles.

All of you will receive the subscriber periodically in its electronic correo, so that, when subscribed, you accept these conditions.

This technique is repeated in the numerical sector; It is a widely used tool that takes advantage of both holidays. The subscriber party that receives the free content that interests them, and the response party that can advertise the services it proposes and increases the list of subscribers.

What is the paid Subscription?

What is the paid Subscription?

In this case, there is a rate for receiving information, courses, or documents. The subscriber subscribes to receive premium or private content that is not accessible to all audiences. A company can propose this option to all those who are interested and must approve their knowledge thanks to the possibility of regularly receiving new content through a male service, for example.

These are typical websites that sell courses, publish articles, and require subscriptions or reviews that signify the misma tendencia para verlos completos. In this case, if you want to receive complete information, you will be happy to pay for it.

Differences between free access and subscription publications.

The courtly response is not part of the economic model. Open-access journals are based on the same standards of peer review, production, and publication as cells that apply to journals published according to the subscription model. Il n’y a donc aucun doute sur la qualité et la reliability du work.

Open-access journals are monitored for their impact factors, just like subscription journals, and are deposited in bibliographic databases and in any full-text repository without any period of embargo. Authors may also publish the final version of the OA articles in the publication that refers to the institution immediately after publication. Open-access journals can also be found under the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and other standards and affiliations, as well as their subscription titles.

Avoiding predatory journals

In recent years, the name of the above magazines has increased. These are publications that do not respect the standards of evaluation by pairs that regularly attend renowned journals. Before purchasing your article from a magazine, we recommend that you use the evaluation time if it is reliable. The Réfléchir, Verificador, and Soumettre campaign provides complementary information on the elements of surveillance for the evaluation of a magazine.

More About Subscription Only And Subscription Hybrid

The subscriptions (together with the publicity and other sources of ingress) must be published by the article (solo Subscription), or the authors may elect to accept the Subscription and pay an APC (hybrid Subscription).

The articles published by means of Subscription are only accessible to those who have access to them through subscription pages, and the articles of access are accessible to any person in all the world without restrictions.

The review may also publish a selection of articles in free access, accessible to any person in the world without restrictions. The subscription articles use the License to Transfer Derechos de Autor, and the author does not preserve the Derechos de Autor. All-access articles use a Creative Commons license, and the authors retain their copyright.

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